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Don't worry we support any server we can access over the internet with our backup recipes

Frequent Backups

Schedule backups with granularity from every hour to every day, in your timezone.

Archive Backups

Advanced backup rotation retention policies allows you to keep as many daily, weekly and monthly backups as you want.

Fast Recovery

Get back online fast if the worst should happens. Restoring whole server snapshots is easy and we can get you running in no time.


Your data never leaves your control, you decide where the data is stored.

Simple configuration without custom scripting

We pride ourselves on our simple backup setup.

We are unique in the way we provide straightforward options for backup frequency and retention. Easily set Daily, Weekly and Monthly retention rules.

Sit back and let us manage the taking of backups and efficient pruning of old backups

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Simple Backups

Easily view your cloud resources to see your past backups.

We list your resources in our dashboard, and provide straightforward options for backup frequency and retention.

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Multi Cloud

With our File backup system you can easy choose a different storage provider to your servers for your backup storage.

You can also download any of your backups at the push of a button

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What our customers are saying

John Deaton Avatar
John Deaton
Owner Deaton Web Design

I have been using SnapShooter for the past several months to handle my server backups. The service has always been reliable, so I trust that backups will always been done on schedule. It’s one less thing I have to worry about. Thanks!

Keith Bradley Avatar
Keith Bradley
Owner Logic Design & Consultancy

SnapShooter is an absolutely invaluable tool for keeping servers backed up, very easy to get everything setup and running. Best of all, you’re in full control of your backup data.

Tõnis Palts Avatar
Tõnis Palts
CEO Maagiline

We set up SnapShooter for our client’s production management system in a matter of minutes. After that, we have practically forgotten about it. It allows us to sleep well at night, knowing our client’s data is safe.