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MySQL All Databases Backups

Backup Everything

Backup all of your MySQL in one simple backup. SnapShooter will extract each database out in a separate files making the process of restoring a single database easily. Or if you prefer check a box and get a single dump file produced. Never forget a new Database again, with database scans at backup time. Your MySQL databases can be backed up to any of our supported S3, AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Wasabi, Backblaze B2 and custom S3 endpoints

  • Store backups to any S3 storage, Google drive and Dropbox

  • Encrypt your data on the move

  • One backup file or seperate files per database

Backup Everything

Learn - Getting Started

See how easy it is to gets started with MySQL backups on your own servers, watch along as we show you have to backup within 3 minutes

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Seperate Files

With SnapShooter MySQL All backups you can select if you want a single dump file or if you would prefer each database to be a separate backup. This has the advantage of been easier to restore a single database

Stoked that SnapShooter takes care of MySQL backups for us, I started out writing my own scripts to do it but it gets pretty complicated between dumping, uploading, rotating, verifying... would much rather use a reliable service like this than roll my own!

Reilly Chase Small Avatar
Reilly Chase
Founder - HostiFi

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