Backup DigitalOcean Volumes


Learn how to backup your DigitalOcean volumes either daily or hourly. SnapShooter will use the DigitalOcean API via OAuth authentication to take backups and prune them on your behalf.


DigitalOcean imposes a limit of 25 snapshots per volume. SnapShooter will make sure you don't schedule more than that. If you have snapshots we don't know about, we will notify you when a backup fails because of too many snapshots.

They also limit volume backups to every 10 minutes. During normal operation this is not an issue unless you have manually created a snapshot before a schedule.

Viewing all Volumes in SnapShooter

Under Native Snapshots > DigitalOcean in the left sidebar you will see Volumes.

This will take you to a view of all of your volumes. If you have just connected a fresh account this will appear as a list of Inactive volumes. If you already have active backups you may need to select inactive backups to view droplets you wish to backup.

Activating Volume Backup

Find the Volume you wish to activate and press the Activate button on the right hand side.

You will be asked to choose how often you would like to backup your server.

Depending on your plan you can choose between daily and hourly backups.

You can also choose the timezone you wish the backup to happen as well as the start time.

If you backup more than once a day we will count your timezone + daily backup time as the tag for the daily backup.

Retention Policy

Once you press Next you will be taken to the retention policy screen where you can select how many past backups you wish to keep. When we take a backup we tag them daily, weekly and monthly and you can choose how many of the past of each you want to keep.

In this example we have asked SnapShooter

  1. Keep the last 10 '3 hourly' backups

  2. Keep the last 7 'daily' backups

  3. Keep the last 4 'weekly' backups

  4. Keep the last 12 'monthly' backups.

Most of our customers choose 7 days, 4 weeks and 12 months as a good base line for backups.

Remember there is a limit with volumes

Backup Region Replication

Region replication is not possible with DigitalOcean Volumes

Understanding the Volume Page

See the Droplet Page to understand how to view the volume page

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