Backup Exoscale Instances

Backing up Exoscale Servers

If you would like a more restricted key please set the following permissions:

  • createSnapshot

  • deleteSnapshot

  • listRegions

  • listSnapshots

  • listVirtualMachines

  • listVolumes

  • listZones

  • queryAsyncJobResult

  • updateSnapshotState

Retention Policy

Once you press Next you will be taken to the retention policy screen where you can select how many past backups you wish to keep. When we take a backup we tag them daily, weekly and monthly and you can choose how many of the past of each you want to keep.

In this example we have asked SnapShooter

  1. Keep the last 10 '3 hourly' backups

  2. Keep the last 7 'daily' backups

  3. Keep the last 4 'weekly' backups

  4. Keep the last 12 'monthly' backups.

Most of our customers choose 7 days, 4 weeks and 12 months as a good base line for backups.

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