Vultr Accounts


To connect your Vultr Account to Snapshooter we use the API Key generated in your Vultr account. This grants us permission to create, read and delete snapshots.

Obtaining your API Key

1. Login to your Vultr Account:

2. Navigate to the Account Settings

3. Open the API tab

4. Copy the generated API Key

5. Whitelist SnapShooter's IP Addresses to grant us access to use your API Key:




Connecting to your SnapShooter Account

1. Login to your SnapShooter Account:

2. Go to Connect Provider option and select Vultr

3. Fill in your Account Name and the API Key generated in your Vultr Account

4. Your Vultr Account is now connected to SnapShooter!

We will start syncing your resources in the background so you can start using them as soon as possible.

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