SnapShooter Backup Engine


SnapShooter have developed a custom engine to facilitate backing up hosted resources to S3-based storage.

Learn how to use SnapShooter's object storage-based backups to backup your data off-site with the provider of your choice.

Supported Backup Types (Recipes)

If we don't support what you need, let us know so we can easily add more types.

Private Custom Backup Types

Some customers require custom backup types for their platforms and requirements. We have deployed a number of these for managed hosting providers. If you're interested in a custom type for your team, please get in touch with support.

Supported Storage Providers

With our custom driver, you can add your own storage provider, such as MinIO


  • Supports multi-part uploads


We add an Rclone binary to your server, which is self-contained and does not require the installation of any libraries. We keep a copy of rclone in your server's tmp folder. We check its version before every backup against the version SnapShooter has dictated to use and update if required.

We use this for the smooth uploading of backups directly to your storage provider of choice. It enables us to avoid installing AWS CLI which comes with a lot of library dependancies.

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