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Alpha and Beta Testing

Learn how to join SnapShooter for Alpha and Beta Testing

Simon Bennett]
Simon Bennett
Last Updated: Nov 26, 2020
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We are always adding new backup recipes to SnapShooter. We take customers requests, and we can do a custom one for a specific customer. If we think it will have a wide reach, we can also create a recipe for all customers.

Once we have written the scripting and have tested the recipe locally and in our staging environment, we like to welcome customers to join in testing.

If you would like to run a backup recipe in Alpha or Beta, you may be entitled to receive some credits for helping us improve recipes. Please contact support for details.

# Alpha

All new recipes go through an Alpha stage. This means we have tested it in our local environment. However, in customers' own environments it may perform differently.

  • No guarantee offered
  • Backups may not work
  • Restoring may not work
  • Not recommended for production

# Beta

A Beta recipe has been though the Alpha stage, works in all test users' enviroments, but still requires wider reach checking.

  • No guarantee offered
  • Backups should work
  • Restoring should work
  • Auto restoring may not work

# Currently in Beta

# S3 Sync

S3 syncing has been put into Beta testing. We are confident the process works, however we are in Beta due to set up requirements. The UI needs improvements around the process of clearing old logs.

# Unifi

We are in the final stages of testing before release

# GridPane

We are in final Beta tests of GridPane backups

# Currently In Alpha

# WordPress Multi

We have been in Alpha since Jan 2021 and expect to move to Beta by April 2021

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