Setup DigitalOcean Spaces with SnapShooter

DigitalOcean Spaces Setup

You are responsible for all storage fees. Read more in our EULA

DigitalOcean provide a simple way to have object storage.

If you're looking to spread backup risk, it may be worth using a storage provider different to that of the server. So if you're backing up an AWS hosted MySQL server, you could choose DO as the backup storage provider.


Starting from $5 USD a month you get 250GiB of backups and pay $0.02 per GiB after that. Outbound traffic included is 1TiB and charged at $0.01/Gib after that.

Creating a New Space

1. Login to your DigitalOcean Control Panel

2. In the top right, click the Create button and select Spaces (at the bottom)

3. Choose your backup region

4. Do not select CDN, as this is for private files which we don't want distributed around the world

5. Select Restrict File Listing

6. Choose a name. E.g. snapshooter

7. Press the Create a Space button. Spaces should be created instantly

8. Note down the URL

Getting Space API Keys

1. Go to the API settings in your account (in the sidebar under 'Manage')

2. Find Spaces access keys

3. Press Generate New Keys

4. Give it a useful name e.g. SnapShooter

5. Copy the key and secret (if you don't, you cannot view them again and will have to regenerate them)

Add to SnapShooter

1. Login to SnapShooter and open External Storage

2. Press Connect New External Storage

3. Give it a Friendly Name

4. Select a Provider (DigitalOcean Spaces)

5. Choose the region (FRA1 in our case)

6. Paste in the Access and Secret Keys

7. Enter the Bucket name. In our case its demo-snapshooter: https://**demo-snapshooter** -> demo-snapshooter

8. Press Save. In the background, SnapShooter will test creating a file and then deleting it, to make sure API access has been setup correctly.

9. View Overview Screen of providers

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