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Shared Hosting and Jailed Shell

Learn how to fix the most common backup issues with backups

Simon Bennett]
Simon Bennett
Last Updated: Jul 8, 2021
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At SnapShooter we aim to support every server we can, however when it comes to jailed shell hosting companies do different things to limit the terminal.

If you are having issues let support know and we will see what we can do.

# When Connecting a Server

When you connect a server to SnapShooter in the background we scan to detect if the server us running in a chroot. If this is the case some of our real time logging will be disabled.

You can check this when looking at advanced server settings

You will be warned when running without real time logs, SnapShooter Will report where you can find them

Your server is running a limited shell (jailed). So real time loging to is not possible. You can always visit the logs directly
Log Directory /tmp/snapshooter-xxxxxx/backup_id

# Error /bin/Bash xxx Permission denied

See guide Permission denied Fix

# SSH Timeout

Some hosting providers run the SSH client in a special jailed session which limits the control of the nohup command. In this case the SSH connection will timeout but the backup will continee to run.

If we detect this we will pass the backup as started successfully but also inform you of the error

SSH Timeout Warning

SnapShooter can sometimes struggle to detect a backup that's stopped unexpectedly due to the hosting companies implantation of process ids;

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