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SnapShooter Storage

Learn how to get connected with SnapShooter Storage

Simon Bennett]
Simon Bennett
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2021
Table of Contents

# What is SnapShooter storage

SnapShooter Simple Storage is a way to store your backup data without having to setup your own S3 based storage. This enables you to get started easily backing up you

SnapShooter storage is build on AWS S3.

# Pricing

Each plan (including free) has a backup allowance you can find out more on the pricing page

# How does it work

This is the technical details explaining the way we manage our AWS S3 securely.

Each team in SnapShooter who requests storage will be registered a new AWS account under SnapShooter master account, this account belongs to a single team.

A team is then free to create as many buckets in any AWS region they wish for. We manage this all from our secure master AWS account. SnapShooter When we perform a backup on your server we generate a time limited STS token which is limited in scope to the server to perform the backup.

# Why have a AWS per Team

AWS has a bucket per account limit which we would also exceed, but we also wanted to offer a truly segregated system, to maximise security and monitoring.

For our enterprise customers this also means we can give direct access to the AWS account if required.

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