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Setup UpCloud S3 with SnapShooter

Learn how to Setup UpCloud S3 with SnapShooter, for mysql and file backups

Simon Bennett]
Simon Bennett
Last Updated: Jan 2, 2021

UpCloud added their own storage offering in October 2020 and SnapShooter is happy to announce we have native support for it.

  1. Login to UpCloud
  2. Navigate to Object Storage
  3. Click "New Object Storage"
  4. Choose your region
  5. Choose your plan
  6. Make sure you have enabled Public network Access (on by default)
  7. Name - this is a custom endpoint name, you can lave blank or set a custom url like snapshooter-companyname-backups
  8. Bucket Name
  9. Click Create Object storage
  10. You will be presented with a model with your access key and secret, store these safely
  11. Return to SnapShooter
  12. Attach new Storage (SnapShooter)
  13. Provide name
  14. Choose UpCloud
  15. Choose Correct region
  16. Enter bucket name in the format bucket-name.objectstorage-name. The following example will be backups.snapshooter-amce-backups Object Storage
  17. Provide Access key and Secrete Access Key
  18. Attach, during this stage we will validate your connection by uploading a file and deleting it to confirm we are ready to use it for backup

# UpCloud S3 Region Support

Slug Location
de-fra1 Germany
es-mad1 Spain
fi-hel2 Finland
nl-asm1 Netherlands
pl-waw1 Poland
sb-sin1 Singapore
uk-lon1 United Kingdom
us-chi1 USA
us-nyc1 USA
us-sj01 USA

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