Restore Your Backups Automatically

Our automation system makes restoring backups a breeze

Applies to Provider Snapshots and SnapShooter Backups

Automated Backup Restoring
Restore No Matter The Provider (Snapshots)

Each cloud provider has different processes and procedures to restore a backup. SnapShooter automates this process to make restoring a backup or snapshot easy. Simply login to your cloud provider select the correct snapshot backup and restore, just click and watch.

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Backup Engine Automatic Restores

SnapShooter's backup engine restores most types of backups automatically. Not only will we take the backup using our state of the art system, we'll stream it back to your provider just as fast.

All you have to do is select the file(s) you want to restore, confirm your choices, and SnapShooter will do the rest, making sure your files are restored quickly and, most importantly, correctly. You can monitor the progress right from your SnapShooter dashboard.

SnapShooter Backup Config Example
Restore A File Manually

Perhaps you need to restore a file to a different location. Not a problem. SnapShooter can provide you with the restore steps for each backup to help get you going.

Press the Restore Instructions button and we'll generate a one-time command that you can use. This code is time-sensitive, so you can just paste this into your terminal or shell of choice and change the settings to suit your needs.