One Backup Job, Many Files

Backup many resources as part of a single backup job.

Applies to SnapShooter's Backups

Automated Backup Restoring
Backup Your Applications, Databases and File Systems

Everyone's backup needs are different and SnapShooter gives you the ability to create a backup job that handles multiple files, services and more. For example, if you are running WordPress, you can backup your application files, and then also generate a MySQL backup. SnapShooter consolidates those processes into one, and we handle it all for you behind the scenes.

SnapShooter Backup Config Example
One Job, Seperate Files

We believe in giving our user's control over their processes and data.

With SnapShooter, you can backup your MySQL databases, for example, into separate files. This makes restoring a backup in the future a breeze, and you can just restore the data you need to, not every database.

SnapShooter Backup Config Example
Whole Server Solutions

Setting up backup jobs is a tedious process. With SnapShooter, we make it fun but more importantly, we can help make sure you aren't missing critical parts of your website, applications or files. This is where our server solutions come in.

We have pre-built services for providers including:

When your backup job runs, SnapShooter will scan your server for websites and data that needs to be backed up, and we'll automatically add the data to the process. Add a new site to your multisite? Don't worry, we'll start backing it up once it's created.