Notifications To Keep You In The Loop

Get updates and alerts via email or Slack

Applies to Provider Snapshots and SnapShooter Backups

Snapshooter backup notifications
Just Like the Weather Channel: Constant Updates

While our goal is for every backup to be totally smooth, sometimes things can go wrong. With SnapShooter, you can setup multiple email addresses to receive alerts and notifications, so you and your team will always be in the loop.

We'll send you a summary of the errors we received so you can investigate and find the issue. You can always view your full backup logs at SnapShooter.

SnapShooter Backup Config Example
Slack Notifications

We use Slack all day every day to keep in touch with our team. SnapShooter can send updates to the Slack channel of your choice and can keep your whole team informed about when backups finish, succeed, fail or are completed with errors.

SnapShooter Backup Config Example