Cross Region Replication

Automatically replicate your Snapshots to a different Region

Don't keep your backups in one region

Don't keep all your Snapshots just in the region that your servers was located; our replication feature allows you to select a second data center for your Droplet snapshots to be transferred to after we have made a backup.

This allows you to be sure you can restore a snapshot in your primary region or your secondary region without having to wait for transfer times.

Transferring Snapshots to a different region can be a slow process (depending on datacenter locations), and it's not something you want to be waiting on while trying to restore your servers. We bypass this issue by replicating your SnapShot to the second region of your choice as soon as we have completed our backup.

How to setup cross regional replication in SnapShooter

Connect DigitalOcean to your SnapShooter account

You will need to be on a plan (or trialing a plan) that supports region replication

Basic setup

  • Register SnapShooter Account
  • Connect your Digital Ocean Account
  • Find the droplet you want to backup
  • Enter the backup settings you want (frequency, timezone, retention policy)
  • Look at the Replication section (see screenshot)
  • Choose the Data Center you wish snapshots to be replicated to


  • If your droplet is located far from your replication region transfers may be slow
  • There is currently no extra storage cost for replicating a snapshot across regions.
  • There is no volume transfer support within DigitalOcean so we are unable to provide this for your volumes

SnapShooter replication Settings

DigitalOcean Location Map

DigitalOcean Data center Locations