Real Time Resource Monitoring

Keep a Close Eye on your Server's CPU, Memory, Networking and Disk Usage During Backups

Applies to SnapShooter's Backups

Backup CPU Grapth
Watch Backup CPU Usage

When running a backup process, it's critical to keep an eye on your server resources. Backups take resources to run, and it's critical that your backup processes don't max out your server. This can affect application performance, which is never good.

SnapShooter monitors your server's performance during backup processes to make sure everything is running as intended. If you do see a spike in networking or CPU usage, you can easily tweak your settings in SnapShooter to reduce the load. For example, if you are seeing a large network spike as you move data, you can limit upload speeds.

You can also monitor CPU steal. This is critical if your application lives on a platform like AWS where you can run out of CPU credits or other throtting your host may do.

SnapShooter Backup Config Example
Monitor Backup RAM Usage

With our monitoring tool, you can easily keep an eye on the amount of RAM being used by your backup processes. This can help ensure that your backups are not affecting other key system processes.

SnapShooter Backup Config Example
Disk and Network Monitoring

Taking a backup requires both disk space and network traffic to create and send your backups. By monitoring your disk usage, you can make sure you have enough storage to create your backups. Running out of disk space is bad.

Second, you can watch your network performance. Large backups can eat up a big chunk of your upstream bandwidth. This can sometimes be a bottleneck in getting your backups to their end storage point. By using our backup speed limiter, you can make sure the other processes that need networking bandwidth aren't affected. Just know that your backups will take longer to complete.