Easy To Manage Schedules and Rentention

Combine Daily, Weely and Monthly in one easy to manage schedule

Applies to Provider Snapshots and SnapShooter Backups

Control the Past with SnapShooter

Everyone has different backup retention policies, so SnapShooter lets you control how many snapshots and backups you want to retain. The convienence doesn't stop there.

By setting up a custom policy, you can reduce your storage costs by keeping only certain backups on a schedule. For example, you may want to keep only the last 12 monthly backups and not 365 daily snapshots. That's cool, you are entirely free to keep as many as you like of each type of data. You control your data at all times.

SnapShooter Backup Config Example
Cron Schedule Supported

Only Supported on SnapShooter Backups

Sometimes you don't need to run your backups daily; maybe you want to run a long S3 Sync once a week. Using CRON, you can easily set up a schedule that meets your individual needs.

This gives you the flexibility to backup certain data on a set schedule to meet your needs and policies. Whether it's a folder of images that doesn't need a daily backup, or a database you want to backup every 4 hours, with CRON you can control when processes run.

SnapShooter Backup Config Example
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Retention

All in one rentention settings, with no duplicating backups

Some backup providers recommend you setup multiple backup jobs of the same resource depending on schedule. We think this is wasteful of resources, bandwidth and money. When SnapShooter runs a backup, we tag it with the frequency so you can quickly determine when your backup was run.

We also use these tags as part of our automated pruning process. Your weekly backup can count as a daily, weekly, and monthly backup (if the dates fall this way,) so you aren't taking 3 backups, you're running 1 process. When its time to prune that backup in the future, we'll use these tags to make sure your retention policies are being met.

SnapShooter Backup Config Example