Serverless Backups Are Here

Don't want to deal with running a server just for backups? Let us deal with it!

Applies to SnapShooter's Backups

Automated Backup Restoring
SnapShooter Backup Compute

Serverless hosting continues to grow in popularity, and based on feedback from our customers, we've added support for running backups of services including managed databases. You can backup these services without the need to run your own backup server.

We make use of AWS Fargate and EC2 to provide backup servers that we route through a private network to a fleet of NAT gateways seen on the IP whitelist. This gives us multi-AZ support. We strive for three AZs where possible.

An up to date list of regions and IPs can be found in the documentation

Only Pay For What You Use

Our compute network can save you serious money on backups. We bill by the minute for use of our Compute Engine, and in many cases this can be less expensive than running your own backup server.

For example, if you are backing up an RDS database that is 10GB, you'd need to run a t3.medium EC2 instance which could cost you at least $30 per month just for the server. At Snapshooter, we could back that database up in 3 minutes. You could run the backup 48 times a day for a total usage time of 72 hours per month. Your cost with our platform would be $5.33.

82% Saving Compaired to running your own dedicated backup server