Hetzner Accounts


To connect your Hetzner Account to SnapShooter we use a token generated in your Heztner account. This grants us read and write access to list instances, as well as create and delete snapshots. We only delete snapshots created by SnapShooter.

Please note, you can only connect a Hetzner to a single SnapShooter account, the second account will not import servers if added

You are free to add any many different Hetzner accounts as you wish.

Generating a Token

1. Login to your account https://accounts.hetzner.com/login

2. Navigate to the API Token Section

  • Open your project workspace

  • Click the key on the left menu

  • Click API TOKENS

3. Click Generate API Tokens

4. Provide the token a name like 'SnapShooter'

5. Copy the token (you will not be able todo this again so make sure you copy it)

Adding Token to Snapshooter

  1. Login to SnapShooter

  2. Navigate to Hetzner in sidebar

  3. Find the connect Heztner button Add Hetzner Form

  4. Give the Account a name and paste in the token

  5. We will validate the key for you

We securely store your key by encrypting it.

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