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Your data is your most valuable asset. SnapShooter makes it easy to schedule frequent backups for your servers, websites and databases. Don’t be one of the 40% of businesses that have suffered a permanent data loss.

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SnapShooter is trusted by thousands of customers to take over 51,052 daily backups

We have processed 175 Petabytes of backup data to date.
That’s enough data to watch Avengers Endgame over 15,907,220 times

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Use one of our hosting partners? SnapShooter is ready to go out of the box to start securing your data with snapshots.
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If you don’t use one of the providers we partner with or manage your own servers, don’t worry.
We support any server we can access over the internet with our backup recipes.

Don’t Let Outdated Backups Sabotage You.

There’s nothing worse than outdated backups. With SnapShooter, you can schedule backups on a schedule you choose, in your timezone.

Long Backup Histories. Low Costs.

SnapShooter’s advanced retention policies allow you to keep as many daily, weekly or monthly backups as needed. Only pay for what you store.

Relatively Painless Restores.

If something does go wrong, SnapShooter backups and snapshots are easy to restore. You will be up and running quickly.

You Control Your Data.

With SnapShooter, you are in ultimate control of your data. You decide where and how your data is stored, regardless of where in the world you are.

Backup Databases to S3 Compatible Storage in Minutes

SnapShooter isn’t just for servers or websites; we can also backup your databases.

What our customers are saying

I have been using SnapShooter for the past several months to handle my server backups. The service has always been reliable, so I trust that backups will always been done on schedule. It’s one less thing I have to worry about. Thanks!

John Deaton Avatar
John Deaton
Owner Deaton Web Design

SnapShooter is an absolutely invaluable tool for keeping servers backed up, very easy to get everything setup and running. Best of all, you’re in full control of your backup data.

Keith Bradley Avatar
Keith Bradley
Owner Logic Design & Consultancy

We set up SnapShooter for our client’s production management system in a matter of minutes. After that, we have practically forgotten about it. It allows us to sleep well at night, knowing our client’s data is safe.

Tõnis Palts Avatar
Tõnis Palts
CEO Maagiline
Easy Schedule and Retention Setup

SnapShooter makes it easy to set the frequency, location and schedule of your backups. You can easily set daily, weekly and monthly retention rules. Set it and forget it - there’s no need to setup multiple backup jobs.

SnapShooter manages your backup schedule, including the efficient pruning of older backups that fall outside your set schedule.

SnapShooter Backup Config Example
Managing Your Backups is a Breeze

SnapShooter allows you to easily view your backups, making restores as easy as finding the backup you want to restore and clicking a button.

If you manage data for several clients, SnapShooter makes easy work of working with a large amount of data.

SnapShooter Droplet Dashboard screenshot
You Are In Control of Your Data

With our on server backup systems, you control where your data is stored and how the data flows there.

With SnapShooter, you can keep your backups in a different datacenter than your servers to protect against disaster and outages.

Since your data flows from your server to its storage location, you are in control. At no time do your backups live on a SnapShooter server. This allows you to comply with data protection policies, rules and laws easily.

SnapShooter data compinace

Fully Automated Application Backups

With our fully integrated application backup solutions, backing up your data is easy. You can be up and running in just a few minutes. It doesn't matter if you build in WordPress, Craft CMS or Laravel, SnapShooter can back up your files as well as your database.