Connect Multiple DigitalOcean Accounts

Manage your DigitalOcean accounts backups all from one SnapShooter Account

Manage all your DigitalOcean accounts together

Our Agency and Organisation plans allow you to manage the backups of as many DigitalOcean accounts as you wish. This is great if you’re a web agency and your clients have their own DigitalOcean accounts, and you manage them. You can handle all of the droplet and volume backups from one place.

How to connect additional accounts?

You will need to be on a plan (or trialing a plan) that supports multiple accounts

Basic Setup

  • Register A SnapShooter Account
  • Connect your First Digital Ocean Account
  • Go to your DigitalOcean accounts settings
  • Click "Add New Account"
  • Give your new account a usful name
  • Click Connect DigitalOcean account
  • When redirected to DigitalOcean login to the account you wish to connect
  • If you have more than one account associated with your email only tick one of the accounts and press Authorize Application
  • You will be redirected back to SnapShooter
  • Give it us a minute to scan your new account


  • Please only connect one account at a time in DigitalOcean
  • We share your resource limit over all of your DigitalOcean accounts

SnapShooter connect DigitalOcean

Multiple DigitalOcean Accounts Overview

DigitalOcean Data center Locations