Daily DigitalOcean Droplet Backups

We have created a simple way you can schedule daily backups of your droplets and volumes. You can then customise rotation policies for daily, weekly, and monthly backups.

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Droplet and Volume Daily Backups

Sometimes weekly backups are not enough, marry SnapShooter with your DigitalOcean account and unlock up to hourly backups.

  • Daily to Hourly Droplet Backups

  • Daily to Hourly Volume Backups

Droplet and Volume Daily Backups

Cross Region Replication

Don't keep all your Snapshots just in the region that your servers was located; our replication feature allows you to select a second data center for your Droplet snapshots to be transferred to after we have made a backup.

  • Restore your Droplets easily in a second region

  • Protect against DigitalOcean regional outages

Unlock the Power of DigitalOcean Snapshots

Weekly backups are perfect for some businesses, but the time may come when you want more frequent DigitalOcean backups. This is where SnapShooter is here to help. Connect SnapShooter to your DigitalOcean account and let us manage your snapshot backups for you. With us, you can schedule your DigitalOcean Snapshots to happen far more frequently. We support hourly up to daily backups of your droplets and volumes. We support taking backups every 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 and 24 hours, giving you a full range of options to safeguard your data.

Unlock the Power of DigitalOcean Snapshots

Daily to Hourly DigitalOcean Volumes Backups

DigitalOcean does not offer a SnapShot/Backup service for volumes.

Volume backups as well as Droplets

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How do you backup your Droplet Daily?

DigitalOcean uses a snapshot based system that creates a point-in-time backup of the current state of your Droplet. The system can work without powering down the droplet and provides a system level backup. DigitalOcean call their snapshots crash-consistent backups meaning the system captures all data on the disk in exactly the state it was at a single point of time (requested snapshot time), meaning your data will be in a consistent state. You do have to remember it only backup data writes to disk at the time, any pending disk writes in memory for example, will not be included. The host machine makes a SnapShot of the guest VM (your droplet) using the copy-on-write implementation, once completed the snapshot is sat on the Host machine and transferred to off-server storage within the DigitalOcean data-center. The copying of the host machine can be the slowest part depending on how busy your host machine is and current loads.

What are DigitalOcean Snapshots?

DigitalOcean SnapShot backups are a way to perform a backup yourself of your droplet or volume. You can have as many as you want and you just pay the simple storage fee of $0.05 per GB per month. This enables you to backup your Droplets and Volumes frequently however you then need to manage this yourself. This is where SnapShooter comes in, we use the DigitalOcean SnapShot process to take Digital ocean backups and then manage the backups lifecycle. We can even transfer them to a second region automatically if required

What regions can you make DigitalOcean Snapshots in?

You can make backups of your droplets in any DigitalOcean region. We can also copy your snapshot to a second region if required.

What are DigitalOcean Volumes?

DigitalOcean volumes are SSD based storage attached to a droplet, that can be up to 16TB in size. You can attach only one to a droplet. They are treated like locally attached storage and can be partitioned, formatted and managed as you would do with a normal attached disk in linux. You can reattach them to a different droplet in the same region (it cannot be attached to two at once) and the size can be increased without powering down the droplet. It's not possible to decrease the size of a DigitalOcean Volume. It is advised to take a snapshot before resizing. It's simple to get started. Simply connect your account, then choose whether to backup every hour or every day. We'll make sure your backups run like clockwork, so you're never out of date. Start backup up your Volumes today, and have one less thing to worry about.

How does DigitalOcean Backup Volumes?

Volumes are not included in DigitalOcean Backups or Snapshots however you can backup/snapshot them on their own, and this is where SnapShooter can help! Snapshots on volumes are on-demand disk images. Volume snapshots saves all of the content on the volume, and can be used to create new volumes. DigitalOcean encrypts their snapshots at rest. Only data currently written to the disk is backed up, any pending disk writes in memory will not be included. Unlike DigitalOcean Droplet Snapshots, volume snapshots are instant.

DigitalOcean Volume Backup Limits

Creating a snapshot of a Droplet does not capture block storage volumes attached to the Droplet. You can create snapshots of block storage volumes separately. Snapshots of block storage volumes cannot be moved between regions or transferred to different DigitalOcean accounts. You can store up to 25 snapshots of a given volume. Delete old snapshots to make room for new ones.

Can you download Volume Snapshots?

Like the Droplet snapshots, it is not possible to download snapshots, DigitalOcean does not allow users to perform a snapshot download and thus we can't offer it.

Where are DigitalOcean backups stored?

The Digitalocean backup stores the whole system of your Snapshot in the Digitalocean infrastructure.

How do I backup my DigitalOcean?

You can use SnapShooter as a third-party tool to backup all your Digitalocean data.

What is the main difference between a snapshot and a backup?

Backups are independent, self-contained files that do not require cross-file dependencies to restore a VM, whereas snapshots depend on dependent files for VM restoration.

What is the difference between snapshot and replication?

While backups are all about redundancy, replication is about avoiding downtime, and snapshots make it possible to access previous versions of data.

What is the cost of Digitalocean backup?

For each Backup Run, the exact amount is 5% of your Droplet/Volume price. Since they always keep 4 of them active, that is 20%.

When should you use DigitalOcean Backups in your backup plan?

You should use Digitalocean backups in either of the two: 1. Whenever a Droplet is deployed for a single, inappropriate project. 2. When your application's sensitive technical blocks have already been securely backed up, and your Droplet is mainly used to host application code.

We use Snapshooter for managing our DigitalOcean backups. The service is robust, easy to use, and gives us full control of our backup schedules.

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Sameer Kanagala
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Learn how SnapShooter makes backups of your DigitalOcean.

Watch the way your data flows from source to the storage you decide.

Learn how DigitalOcean Backups/SnapShots work

SnapShooter communicates with DigitalOcean via API to schedule and manage snapshots. Your data stays within your DigitalOcean account.

  1. SnapShooter requests a snapshot via API with DigitalOcean
  2. DigitalOcean starts the process for performing a copy of the underlying file system
  3. The file system is copied to a snapshot
  4. SnapShooter request confirmation from DigitalOcean and will store key meta data
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