About SnapShooter

SnapShooter was born in 2017 as a solution to improve DigitalOcean backups.

Founders Message

Simon Bennett

SnapShooter was founded in early 2017. I wanted to improve DigitalOcean's backup offering while trying to protect a client's fleet of WordPress DigitalOcean servers. With my experience as a software engineer, I realised there was a gap in the market for secure, easy to use snapshots and backups.

The idea of SnapShooter was born. Initially, we focused solely on DigitalOcean servers and then DigitalOcean volume backups. We have expanded since then and have included many other offerings.

Our customers love the simple interface we have, with all the complex handling of backup rotation handled behind the scenes. They also love our personal attention to any worries they may have.

At the end of 2018, due to increased customer numbers and product vision, Jordan came onboard to help with technical support and development, and at the same time my wife also joined to take over the finance side of the business. We have also expanded our support team.

In 2020, the focus on SnapShooter became broader to cover not only DigitalOcean, but other providers. Our customers always wanted a way to move their backups off-site, and we developed an easy way for customers to replicate server data to storage providers. We developed this as well as updating our dashboard to make management easier.

We will always continue to provide an efficient service, full customer service and give you the confidence that your data backups and snapshots are secure with SnapShooter.

The Team

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Simon Bennett


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Claire Bennett


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Jorge González

Software Developer