SnapShooter Change Log

February 2022

  • [Fix] Allow Encryption Keys to be renamed
  • [Feature] Allow pre and post backup scripts
  • [Improvement] Backups under the threshold size will be counted as fails
  • [Feature] Serverless Backups

January 2022

  • [Fix] Added sorting/search for server list
  • [Fix] Added sorting/search for storage list


December 2021

  • [Feature] Added support for Exoscale object storage
  • [Feature] URL Trigger for backup jobs

November 2021

  • [Feature] Allow backups jobs to store backups to more than one location
  • [Feature] Add Google Drive + shared drive
  • [Feature] Add Azure Blob

October 2021

  • [Improvement] Allow S3 Sync Backup to set the file permission of synced files
  • [Feature] Store backups in S3 with encryption
  • [Feature] Backup Restore Wizard
  • [Feature] Dropbox Support
  • [Feature] New backup type: Files + MySQL

September 2021

29th June 2021

  • [Improvement] Allow backup jobs to be ordered and searched

25th June 2021

24th June 2021

  • [Improvement] Detect if running in a limited shell on connection
  • [Bug] Fix limited shell (shared hosting) with log pipelines breaking

14 June 2021

  • [Improvement] Each backup job will estimate the current storage usage.

9th June 2021

  • [Improvement] Display backup time with ours too - hours:minutes:seconds

May 2021

24th May 2021

  • [Improvements] Allow users to delete storage more easily

18th May 2021

  • [Bug] Fix issue with upcloud backup names been to long

12th May 2021

  • [Improvement] Exoscale show display name instead of instance id name
  • [Improvement] SnapShots providers correct label colours

10th May 2021

  • [Improvement] Added an endpoint to return public ip when doing backups to help debug firewall issues

May 2021

12th April 2021

  • [Improvement] Allow customers to swap bin directory from tmp to user

9th April 2021

7th April 2021

  • [Bug] Add missing Stockholm region to S3

5th April 2021

  • [Bug] Fix stats collector to better detect which interface to monitor

4th April 2021

  • [Improvement] Show backups on servers page in more logical order

31th March 2021

  • [Bug] Default port so 3306 on craft if not set

30th March 2021

26th March 2021

  • [Feature] Real time backup resource monitoring, CPU, RAM, Disk IO, Network IO

22nd March 2021

  • [Bug] Changed DigitalOcean to from DNS based Space lookup to URL space look up for S3 sync

21 March 2021

  • [Feature] Added S3 Syncing job

17th March 2021

  • [Bug] Fix bug with DigitalOcean snapshots not getting unjammed automaticly

16th March 2021

  • [Improvement] Added --default-character-set=utf8mb4 option to mysql backups

13th March 2021

  • [Improvement] Added Scaleway S3 support

12th March 2021

  • [Improvement] Add time to SnapShooter's logs output, to make it easier to see if a backup is progressing

11th March 2021

  • [Improvement] Allow Laravel Tar Exit code as pass
  • [Improvement] Allow WordPress Tar Exit code as pass
  • [Improvement] Tell WordPress file backups to follow syslinks
  • [Improvement] Allow file backups to support multiple base directories

10th March 2021

  • [Improvement] Change the way Laravel backups read env due to some installs throwing errors with older tinker
  • [Improvement] Add Server command will check the ~/.ssh folder exists before install keys

4th March 2021

  • [Improvement] Hide providers you don't need from the sidebar

March 2021

5th - 20th February 2021

  • [Improvement] Moved SnapShooter to AWS Hosting

4th February 2021

  • [Feature] Added support for Scaleway Volume backups
  • [Improvement] Change WP backup to extract config differently

February 2021

22nd January 2021

  • [Feature] Allow the restoration of more than one backup file at a time, you can select multiple
  • [Feature] When managing backup file allow shorting by Size and Name

19th January 2021

  • [Feature] Add SnapShooter storage as an option for backups.

17th January 2021

  • [Feature] Added a referral reward system

9th January 2021

  • [Improvement] Team External storage shows you each buckets/storage current usage

7th January 2021

  • [Improvement] We have moved hosting of Rclone to our own CDN network (
    • Improvement to delivery speed with far more edge locations (AWS CloudFront).
    • We removed the need to use unzip in our backup recipes as we compress with gzip now.
    • We take responsibility for the traffic we generate instead of our partner Rclone.

5th January 2021

4th January 2021

2st January 2021

  • [Feature] Added native support for UpCloud S3
  • [Improvement] Allow users to edit the name of existing storage providers

1st January 2021

  • Happy New year

January 2021

31st December 2020

  • [Improvement] Allow a user to delete a job that's mid setup
  • [Improvement] Allow a user to delete a server with incomplete job setups without individual removing them.

21st December 2020

  • [Improvement] Allow --column-statistics=0 in mysql config for mysql8 client

18th December 2020

  • [Improvement] Customise CPU and memory limit by setting the bandwidth upload limit and chunk size

16th December 2020

  • [Improvement] Alpha release of GridPane
  • [Bug] Limit UpCloud snapshot name to 64 chars

15th December 2020

  • [Improvement] Count Tar exit code 1 as a success backup

14th December 2020

  • [Bug] Rclone when using two different users on a server can end up with permissions errors, fixed by having separate per user

7th December 2020

  • [Improvement] Show paused backups jobs to customers more easily
  • [Improvement] Edit the name of existing SSH keys

2nd December 2020

  • [Improvement] Added log filtering to better aid reviews of backups

1st December 2020

  • [Bug Fix] Display timeout error in email when could not connect to server

27th November 2020

  • [Feature] Allow MySQL All databases to generate a single dump file or generate individual

26th November 2020

  • [Feature] Typo3 Backup type enters Alpha Testing

25th November 2020

  • [Feature] MongoDb backup and restore released

20th November 2020

  • [Improvement] Allow customers to update their own server connection

17th November 2020

  • [Improvement] Search now includes backup jobs
  • [Bug] SSH key last used was not updating
  • [Bug] WordPress Manual restore instructions incorrect
  • [Improvement] Remove new line char from backup
  • [Bug] MySQL timeout during a setup test was casing a server 504. MySQL timeout reduced as well as process timeout reduced
  • [Bug] Schedule create text was incorrect for months

13th November 2020

  • [Improvement] Allow users to delete a server without any attached jobs
  • [Bug] Working directory permissions error when two different ssh users are setup on the same server, each user now get their own working directory. (Thank you Jacob)

12th November 2020

  • [Improvement] S3 chunk upload from 20mb to 60mb to speed backups up with small increase in memory footprint
  • [Bug] Fixed bug where success with warning emails had missing log sample (Thanks Jordan)

6th November 2020

  • [Bug] Fix broken delete button on backup jobs. (Thanks Alex)

2nd November 2020

  • [Feature] Released new backup system for on server backups, mysql, postgres, file backups and now application backups
  • [Feature] Real time Logging
  • [Feature] Multi file backups
  • [Feature] On click restores

1st October 2020

  • [Bug] Fixed a bug where Digital Ocean accounts were not respecting the name set before connection.

29th September 2020

  • [Bug] Add retry to curl aspects of remote SSH backups. (Thanks to Roee Lupo from for helping us improve this)

25th September 2020

  • [Feature] Added the ability to add Google Cloud Accounts.
  • [Feature] Added the ability to sync Google Cloud Disks.
  • [Feature] Added the ability to snapshot Google Cloud disks, and delete older snapshots.
  • [Bug] Improvement Backblaze management of lifecycle deletes

18th September 2020

  • [Feature] Added the ability to add an Amazon Lightsail account.
  • [Feature] Added the ability to sync Amazon Lightsail instances.
  • [Feature] Added the ability to perform snapshots on Amazon Lightsail instances, and delete older snapshots.
  • [Improved] Added the ability to update Snapshot Provider names.

17th September 2020

  • [Improved] Added the ability to update Team names.
  • [Improved] Added the ability to edit your Digital Ocean Account name.
  • [Improved] Added the ability to edit your user name.

9th September 2020

  • [Improved] Improved main dashboard load time with query optimisation

2nd September 2020

  • [Legal] Updated terms and conditions

21th August 2020

  • [Feature] Enable the updating of external storage keys
  • [Feature] Added Dark Mode beta

20th August 2020

  • [Feature] Added support for backups schedules via CRON for Object based backups (databases and file backups)

17th August 2020

23rd July 2020

  • [Feature] Added support for custom s3 endpoints

20th July 2020

17th July 2020

13nd July 2020

23nd June 2020

  • [Bug] Escape Spaces when doing PostgreSQL backup

22nd June 2020

  • [Feature] Team support added

18th June 2020

  • [Feature] Added Email verification
  • [Improvement] Improved Volume backups to get final billable size

16th June 2020

  • [Bug] Remove MySQL database from UI when selecting all databases
  • [Bug] Fix MySQL backups displaying in the wrong order

15th June 2020

  • [Guide] Published MySQL to Backblaze
  • [Bug] Fix MySQL backups displaying in the wrong order

12th June 2020

  • [Feature] Added Support for Backblaze B2 Storage
  • [Improvement] Rclone used for SSH backups has had an improvement to the updater script. Enabling easier migration to new versions and saving on customers bandwidth

11th June 2020

  • Fix bug in creating new PostgreSQL backup, when server had a missing package the page errored and did not display message

10th June 2020

  • Added note about account scanning to GDPR document on DigitalOcean View Here

9th June 2020

  • On request, allow customers to have custom flags set on MySQL backups (mysqldump)

8th June 2020

  • PostgreSQL backups now supported
  • File Backups can now be paused and resumed
  • MySQL detects backups that failed with a soft error and emails to let you know
    • For example a table was deleted during the backup process

7th June 2020

  • Check if storage provider has changed when since creating backup when pruning old backups

6th June 2020

  • Increased S3 chunk size streaming uploads for MySQL from 5MB to 20MB
    • Increases max backup size from 48.8G to 195.3G, plan to make this customizable in future.

4th June 2020

  • Remove broken avatar from change of DigitalOcean account status emails

2st June 2020

  • Improved visibility of paused backups
  • Fixed bug with Slack Notification titles on failed backups

1st June 2020

  • Refreshed design of Notifications emails
  • Fixed typo in MySQL restore guide
  • Started a Change Log