Introduction SnapShooter Backup Platform, reimagining backups to make simpler for you to backup applications, databases and file systems

Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett ยท Oct 26, 2020

Introduction SnapShooter Backup Platform, reimagining backups to make it simple for customers to keep secure there applications, databases and file systems

SnapShooter is very proud to announce to release of its new backup engine. We have reimagined what is possible with on-server backups and opens the doors for tailored solutions for all.

Our backup systems now go on a level deeper with Application knowledge for backups of your critical data that is tied to software like WordPress, Laravel and soon to be more; we are open to suggestions.

We also made a whole host of improvements around real-time monitoring, fault tolerance, faster setup time, one-click restores and a much-improved look and feel. We welcome you to log in and set up a new backup with our new engine.

If you want to learn more about why we created a new backup system and the process, carry on reading.

In 2020 SnapShooter has gone through a complete renovation with new marketing website and dashboards. In February we launched MySQL backup support due to popular demand from our existing customers. This was an instant hit, and before long, it was attracting new customers solely wanting this feature. We shortly expanded this to add Files and then PostgreSQL support.

With the new offerings, came fresh enquires about new backup types. Do you have a solution for WordPress, do you have a solution for Laravel Forge. It quickly became apparent the range of solutions people needed was ever-expanding. The new backup type has also been growing faster than the Snapshot portion of the business.

We decided instead of repeating our current process of adding a new backup type which was taking about a weeks worth of development and becoming more and more of a copy-paste for each new kind; we should perform a large refactor. We took stock of everything the new system must support;

Easier Server Importing

Easier Backup Configuring

Real-time backup monitoring

Once click Restore