DigitalOcean Billing Insights

Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett Β· Jan 30, 2021
DigitalOcean Billing Insights Artwork

During the last four years as DigitalOcean's largest backup provider, we have seen our fair share of backups. During this stretch, we've watched DigitalOcean evolve and grow from a provider of cloud servers to a full-service PaaS, including Kubernetes support, load balancers, private networking, Databases-as-a-Service, an app platform and much more.

With the growth of DigitalOcean's services comes increased billing complexity. Gone are the days of having a fixed cost based on a fixed amount of droplets. As you add services at DigitalOcean, it can be difficult to easily track your spend. Here at SnapShooter, we've been fortunate to be part of DigitalOcean's Hatch program. This program grants startups up to $10,0000 in credits and other business support. While we're very thankful for this support, we still find ourselves needing to track our spending every month.

To that end, we've put our heads together and built a simple cost monitoring and insights service for DigitalOcean accounts.


We're just getting started, but you can now view graphs of your spending, with the ability to break out droplets, volumes, databases, apps, Spaces and more. You can set up alerts when your current spending or your projected spending rises above limits that you can set.

This is just the beginning. We are continuing to add new features and we've begun talking with the DigitalOcean team about increased API access to their billing side. Please go and check out this new tool and let us know what you think and what else you'd like to see in it.

DigitalOcean Billing Insights