Don't keep all your backups in one bucket. Dual Backup Storage


Simon Bennett 23rd November 2021

As your grandparents would always say, don't keep all your eggs in one basket; SnapShooter says, don't keep all your backups in one bucket.

We have been working hard to make SnapShooter better and better, and in this instalment of improvements, we have added the ability for your backup jobs to be stored in more than 1 location. 

For example, when backing up your critical database, choosing up to 3 different locations is possible. From our list of backup providers, this gives you plenty of physical, governmental and whatever isolation you require. 

Part of our internal disaster recovery plan is having our critical data (our MySQL database) restorable to the current infrastructure. But also support the worse case of needing to restore SnapShooter to new infrastructure. 

We cover this by backing up to S3 and also Backblaze. Before, we did this with our Syncing system, but now we can directly backup to S3 and B2 as part of a single backup job.

Once you have set up your backup job, you can attach more storage options. 

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