GridPane WordPress Backups now Supported

Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett ยท Dec 16, 2020

We are proud to announce our alpha release of GridPane, working with customer Jordan Trask, a business technologies consultant from Canada we have added GridPane as a backup solution for SnapShooter Customers.

Jordan uses GridPane to manage his customer's WordPress sites. It is a fantastic tool for provisioning and managing WordPress installs with any host you wish, DigitalOcean, Amazon Lightsail and UpCloud for example.

Jordan reached out to us as an existing customer asking if we would explore the possibility of adding GridPane to our list of backup recipes and we were more than pleased to accommodate.

SnapShooter will look at a customers GridPane server at backup time and search for all WordPress installs before performing individual backups of each database as separate backups and well as the file system which also generates single compressed TAR achieve per site. This was the most significant requirement that Jordan presented us as restoring a server with many clients to retrieve a single file/site is slow and wasteful.

Our recovery system is fully supported with GridPane allowing customers to restore a single WordPress site filesystem and/or database.

We look forward to working with GridPane customers and expect the recipe to be out of alpha and beta in the new year.

Learn more about our GridPane Recipe Here