SnapShooter joins the DigitalOcean family

Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett · Jan 11, 2023
SnapShooter joins the DigitalOcean family Artwork

I’m excited to share with you that SnapShooter was acquired by DigitalOcean!

DigitalOcean is a simple, affordable, scalable cloud provider on which businesses and developers can build the apps of their dreams and see them grow. As startups and businesses increasingly rely on cloud services, expanding the reach of SnapShooter’s backup tool will ensure thousands of new users rest easy knowing their cloud data is protected.

Since starting SnapShooter in 2017 as a DigitalOcean-only backup product to the expansion in 2020 to provide server backups, database backups, and applications, it's been an amazing journey and success. I have to thank all of the customers who believed in us. We have some really exciting stuff in the pipeline coming, which I can’t wait to share.

For current SnapShooter customers, the pricing and functionality of your current plan will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future. New SnapShooter users will have access to updated plans, including 34% off in annual savings. Check out the pricing page for more details.

DigitalOcean + SnapShooter is a fantastic match. We’re excited to join the DigitalOcean family.

Read more on DigitalOcean’s blog here and stay tuned for future updates!