SnapShooter Launches New Compute Engine For Managed Services

Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett · Jun 08, 2021
SnapShooter Launches New Compute Engine For Managed Services Artwork

We’re proud to announce our new SnapShooter Compute Engine, which is now available for use by everyone. We’re excited to add this new tool to our collection of powerful backup services that make taking backups and snapshots super easy and fast.

SnapShooter Compute is built to take snapshots and backups of managed databases. We have heard quite a bit of feedback from our customers who use managed database services at providers like DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Services and want to backup those platforms without the need for a standalone backup server instance running all the time.

We built Compute on top of AWS, so it’s available in seven availability zones at the moment (with more on the way.) This means that wherever you are in the world, there’s a SnapShooter Compute node very close by.

We think this new product can also save you a good amount of money each month. As I said earlier, a good amount of people were having to run servers all the time to do their snapshots. With SnapShooter Compute, you only pay for the server time you need. This means less time an instance has to run, not to mention your time having to babysit that server and make sure it’s always running correctly. This is good for your wallet, but also helps you meet your backup and retention policies, which is always a plus.

This service is now online and ready for you to use. If you use a manager or serverless database, I hope you’ll give it a look and see how it could solve your backup needs.