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Daily to Hourly DigitalOcean Volumes Backups

DigitalOcean has no automated volume backups

While volume data is secured from server error, what protects you from human error?

What Does DigitalOcean offer?

DigitalOcean does not offer a SnapShot/Backup service for volumes.

Volumes are highly available with multiple replicas of each volume hosted on different machines to prevent data loss. However, that does not protect you from mistakes like accidentally deleting critical data! Without a Snapshot, that data could be irrevocably lost.

We support from daily down to hourly backups of your volumes. We support taking backups every 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 and 24 hours, giving you a full range of options to safeguard your data.

Frances Long
Frances Long
CEO - Open2Know, Moodle Partner (Certified Services Provider), Vancouver, Canada

Open2Know uses SnapShooter to backup our 6TB of volumes every night. DigitalOcean does not offer any backup options with volumes and having volume point in time recovery points is critical to our business operations. Our clients not only demand this service from us but rely on us for their peace of mind.

One day, I noticed that our costs were rising and determined that my team hadn't set up the backups properly ie: we were backing up our backups! Financially, this was a huge problem.

I got in touch with Simon and he calmly and professionally helped straighten out the mess that my team had created. I'd recommend him and SnapShooter highly.

On a personal note, Simon is one of the most responsive, professional, and ethical people that I have worked with throughout the decades that I've been in business.

What are DigitalOcean Volumes?

DigitalOcean volumes are SSD based storage attached to a droplet, that can be up to 16TB in size. You can attach only one to a droplet.

They are treated like locally attached storage and can be partitioned, formatted and managed as you would do with a normal attached disk in linux.

You can reattach them to a different droplet in the same region (it cannot be attached to two at once) and the size can be increased without powering down the droplet. It's not possible to decrease the size of a DigitalOcean Volume. It is advised to take a snapshot before resizing.

It's simple to get started. Simply connect your account, then choose whether to backup every hour or every day. We'll make sure your backups run like clockwork, so you're never out of date.

Start backup up your Volumes today, and have one less thing to worry about.

How does DigitalOcean Backup Volumes?

Volumes are not included in DigitalOcean Backups or Snapshots however you can backup/snapshot them on their own, and this is where SnapShooter can help!

Snapshots on volumes are on-demand disk images. Volume snapshots saves all of the content on the volume, and can be used to create new volumes. DigitalOcean encrypts their snapshots at rest.

Only data currently written to the disk is backed up, any pending disk writes in memory will not be included.

Unlike DigitalOcean Droplet Snapshots, volume snapshots are instant.

DigitalOcean Volume Backup Limits

Creating a snapshot of a Droplet does not capture block storage volumes attached to the Droplet. You can create snapshots of block storage volumes separately.

Snapshots of block storage volumes cannot be moved between regions or transferred to different DigitalOcean accounts.

You can store up to 25 snapshots of a given volume. Delete old snapshots to make room for new ones.

Can you download Volume Snapshots?

Like the Droplet snapshots, it is not possible to download snapshots, DigitalOcean does not allow users to perform a snapshot download and thus we can't offer it.

What regions can you use DigitalOcean Volumes in?

You can make backups of your volume in any DigitalOcean region, see out supported DigitalOcean regions to see full support. Most regions support Volumes, with just the legacy data-centers not offering them.

Helpful answers

DigitalOcean limits you to a max of 25 snapshots per volume. You also caccont take a volume backup more regularly than every 10 minutes

Snapshots are taken and stored within your DigitalOcean account. You are currently billed $0.05 per GB per month by DigitalOcean, and you pay this directly to DigitalOcean. We help you estimate this.

This helps you with data compliance as the data never leaves DigitalOcean, SnapShooter has no physical access to snapshot data.

We connect DigitalOcean to SnapShooter via a OAuth request, we securely store your OAuth keys and regularly rotate them. Physical access to snapshot data is impossible.

You pay DigitalOcean for all storage fees of SnapShots.

DigitalOcean charges you a flat $0.05 per GB per month for storing snapshots, they are billed hourly.

How to get Started with SnapShooter?

  • Login or Register to SnapShooter
  • Connect your DigitalOcean account
  • Find your new Volume
  • Activate
  • Choose how often to backup e.g. Once a Day
  • Choose how many you want to keep e.g. 7
  • Choose the timezone of your droplet
  • Choose the time you want daily backups to happen
  • Click Start Backing up
  • Click Snapshot Now if you want us to backup right away
  • Sit back and relax, your Volume data is safe!
Active daily DigitalOcean backups on SnapShooter

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