Retention and Rotation Policies

Control how long Snapshots exist for and rotate out old data.

Control the number of past backups we keep for you

SnapShooter offers a range of retention policies, so you can set how many daily, weekly and monthly snapshots you want to retain. This gives you the ability to keep backups for a lengthy amount of time without having to pay to keep individual backups. For example, you might want to keep the last 12 monthly backups to give you a range of a year without paying for 365 daily snapshots.

You are entirely free to keep as many snapshots as you want of each type.

Setup Droplet Auto Discovery and Backup

  • Setup your accounts default settings
  • Choose the defaults that new servers will automatically use
  • Go to the Automation Control panel
  • Turn on automation
  • (Optional) Ignore servers with a name containing 'dev' - perfect for development environments


  • We don't currently automate the setup of volumes

SnapShooter replication Settings