Craft CMS (MySQL) Backups


Backup Craft CMS, database (MySQL) and the file system

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This backup recipe is in Beta, Learn more about Alpha and Beta recipes stages


Backup your Craft CMS with total ease, no longer require on plugins or cron scripts to secure your database and assets. Let SnapShooter handle all of the nitty gritty so you can just worry about the development side.

Store a copy of your Craft CMS in your own S3 bucket (or compatible storage like: DigitalOcean, Filebase, Backblaze and Wasabi)

Don't want to deal with storage, SnapShooter also offers S3 storage backed by AWS for that extra level of redundancy

Fast Setup with Advanced Config

Connect SnapShooter to your server with a single bash script and then tell us where Craft CMS is located.

We will handle the rest, extracting your database password at runtime so you never need to update it.]

Choose which directories you want us to backup, or if you host all your assets online you can skip easily.

You can also decide which MySQL Backup Flags you wish to run.

Support For Any Host

SnapShooter Craft CMS backups works with any server we can connect too securely via SSH

If you can open SSH we can perform a backup safely and securely.