Ghost Backups

Backup a Ghost website, database (MySQL) and the file system

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Ghost Backups

Simple Setup

Back up your Ghost blogs using SnapShooter's simple backups process. We will perform a backup of your MySQL database and optionally your assets, you can decide what to ignore. The process generates two independent backups so you can restore just the database or file system or both. Your Ghost can be backed up to any of our supported S3, AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Wasabi, Backblaze B2 and custom S3 endpoints

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Support For Any Host

SnapShooter's Ghost backups work with any server we can connect to securely via SSH DigitalOcean One Click AWS If you can open SSH we can perform a backup safely and securely.

SnapShooter is the best and most robust way to back up your Ghost site. it takes just a few minutes to set up later, then you can keep writing knowing that SnapShooter is automatically keeping a copy of your site safe and sound.

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Dan Rowden
Founder - Gloat

Learn how SnapShooter makes backups of your Ghost.

Watch the way your data flows from source to the storage you decide.

Server Based Ghost Backups

For customers who already have a server and want there Site data to stay within there own network, only meta sent back to SnapShooter.

  1. SnapShooter Connects Via SSH to your server
  2. Once Connected this server connects directly to your Site and begins the backup process
  3. Data from Site begins streaming to your server
  4. Your Server compresses the data and uploads it to your storage
  5. Confirmation of uploaded chunk is received, repeat steps 3,4,5 until backup completed
  6. During the backup meta data is periodic send back to SnapShooter for real time monitoring
  7. Once the backup is completed SnapShooter confirms the file size with the storage
Servers Customer’s storage Meta 6 Customers Customer’s server SnapShooter SSH File size check Owned by customer 5 4 3 1 7 2

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Backup one server, database, or application for free forever.

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