Keep your WordPress Droplet Safe

Protect your DigitalOcean WordPress blog from hackers with bullet proof backups

Why is it important to Backup your WordPress Droplet?

There are many reasons why you will be thankful you backed up your WordPress blog, many of which you'll realize at the time you need to restore your blog. Even for small issues, it's a relief when you can just restore a snapshot and get back to business.

The simplest thing you could do it delete a post by mistake and be unable to restore it. You could loss pictures and other updated content, or maybe you spend hours getting the CSS and that plugin perfect. Instead of spending hours trying to restore, let SnapShooter take regular backups and then you're free to restore to any snapshot you wish.

One of the scariest things that can happen to your blog when is hackers gain access. They couple simply add some Javascript to your pages or they could corrupt all your data. Often, after these events, simply reverting any changes made is not enough. The only option is to restore to a point before the hackers struck, which SnapShooter gives you the ability to do.

How to Backup your WordPress Droplet?

Install WordPress

Install WordPress on Digital Ocean. The process can be simplified by using Digital Oceans one-click install and deploy system.

Basic setup

  • Create Droplet
  • Choose Image -> One-click Apps
  • Choose WordPress
  • Choose Size (min droplet is 1GB)
  • Choose your Data Center location
  • Select your SSH and any additional options
  • Give it a hostname
  • Create!
  • Access droplet via SSH to enable WordPress
  • Browse to the IP of the Droplet to start WordPress installation
  • Config DNS
  • Enjoy your blog

Full Guide Here.

Activate WordPress in SnapShooter

Once your WordPress Blog is setup is a perfect time to login to SnapShooter and activate backups on your Droplet.

  • Login to SnapShooter
  • Find your new Droplet
  • Activate
  • Choose how often to backup e.g. Once a Day
  • Choose how many you want to keep e.g. 7
  • Choose the timezone of your droplet
  • Choose the time you want daily backups to happen
  • Click Start Backing up
  • Click "Snapshot Now" if you want us to backup right away
  • Sit back and relax as your WordPress blog is safe