AWS EC2 SnapShot Support

Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett · Jul 20, 2020

We are very proud to announce we now support native backups of AWS EC2.

From your SnapShooter console, you can connect as many AWS accounts as you wish, using AWS fine-controlled access IAM to grant us access to take backups.

Snapshooter will make an AMI (Amazon Machine Image), the information used to launch a new instance. You may have seen them already when you make a new EC2 instance. Instead, you select from a list of pre-created AMI images.

An AMI image contains the following information.

  • One or more snapshots are the volumes mounted to the system

  • Launch permissions

  • Block mapping for attaching the volumes at launch.

We manage the AMI like a snapshot with all of its containing information packaged as one. This way, it's straightforward for you to restore a backup.

AWS has the benefit that snapshots of EBS are incrementing. You only pay to store the information that changes.

You can learn more at