Filebase Support Comes to SnapShooter


Simon Bennett 15th July 2020

SnapShooter is very happy to partner with Filebase to offer a new storage provider option to customers.

Filebase has taken a unique approach to store backup data and using a decentralized storage network that operates all around the work powered by blockchain technologies. Hosts can attach their unused storage to the Sia network (that Filebase uses under the hood).

To safeguard against data lose Filebase breaks files into 30 pieces which are then geographically distributed around the world on the Sia network. Only 1/3 of these pieces need to be available to rebuild the data.

Filebase comes with a fantastic 5GB totally free and then 1tb $5 per month plan. There are no traffic fees for inbound or outbound.

Due to there S3 compatible API we now offer Filebase to SnapShooter customers as an option to store there File and Database backups.

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