DigitalOcean High CPU is now Generally Available

Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett · Oct 13, 2017

Back in July 2017, DigitalOcean announced they were going to offer High CPU droplets for those jobs where CPU is a higher priority than memory. They are now generally available to all Digital Ocean Users.

Here is a list of jobs DigitalOcean suggest as good use cases

  • App servers. App servers with significant loads and powered by NodeJS require more CPUs than what’s available with standard Droplets. High CPU Droplets can improve application performance without paying for storage infrastructure you don’t need.

  • CI/CD servers. Improve the performance of your Jenkins pipeline to rapidly deliver new functionality to production. With High CPU Droplets, Jenkins can speed up continuous integration and deployment times enabling you to quickly deploy features to production.

  • Data analytics applications. More CPUs can improve the performance of data analytics, specifically for applications that require heavy computation. In these cases, choosing one High CPU Droplet with multiple, dedicated vCPUs provides both better performance and more favorable pricing than multiple, standard Droplets.

  • Build servers. If you build applications using remote build servers (using the DO API to deploy build servers as needed), it can be more cost effective to use High CPU Droplets on demand to initiate and complete builds more quickly.

[Introducing High CPU Droplets]