How do you restore a DigitalOcean Snapshot?

Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett · Oct 11, 2017

So the worse has happened and you need to restore your droplet to an older snapshot. First, if you're using SnapShooter make sure you pause backups.

Then you need to login to your DigitalOcean account. We don't allow you to restore snapshots from SnapShooter as an added layer of security. Once you login you need to locate the correct droplet you wish to restore.

Once you're on the droplets settings page you need to find Snapshots on the left menu.

Restore DigitalOcean snapshot

You need to find the snapshot you wish to restore.

Once you have the correct snapshot use the more drop-down and select restore droplet

Once you confirm your droplet will be restored to your Snapshot. Once your happy don't forget to resume backups on your droplet in SnapShooter.