Move Data Easily with SnapShooter’s new S3 Sync Tool

Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett · Mar 22, 2021
Move Data Easily with SnapShooter’s new S3 Sync Tool Artwork

Have you found yourself with a big pile of data and you need to move that data somewhere else? We certainly have. We kept being in situations where we needed to move data from one S3 bucket to another, often in a different region. The challenge is there really isn’t an efficient way to do this short of downloading the data to your local machine and re-uploading, or writing some crazy code that calls in multiple APIs. That’s a bit of a pain -- not to mention the headaches of moving data between different services.

So we got coding, and we think you’ll like where we got up to.

We’re excited to launch our new S3 Sync tool. This new service at SnapShooter allows you to sync, move and shift data from one S3-compatible data storage service to another. This means you can easily move data from Amazon to Backblaze or DigitalOcean Spaces over to Filebase Cloud Storage and so on. If you’ve got data to move or sync, this is the tool for you.

S3 Sync allows you to do syncs, duplications and backups of S3-compatible data, or set up a schedule to keep 2 services in sync. You can run the service hourly, daily or weekly, whatever your data policy demands. Remember, more backups are never a bad thing.

Our intuitive web interface walks you through the process clearly and easily, but we don’t skimp on advanced features. If you want the data to flow through a server you control, that’s cool, you can do that with this tool. At no point does your data flow through any SnapShooter server or tool, and we don’t save or parse anything. Your data is your data.

You can set our tool to sync data between services, allowing you to keep different buckets updated on a schedule. This means you can sync nightly between your large collection of images at B2 and sync them into an S3 bucket for long-term backups. You can tell our tool to delete a file at your remote destination if it's been deleted in the source bucket. Like we said, pretty cool stuff.

Let’s say you accidentally delete a key file from your source. Not a problem - we’ve built in an automatic restore function to allow you to restore files from your destination. Restoring your files is as easy as a few clicks. Day saved.

We can write about this exciting new service all day, but this video shows how easy it is to setup, move and restore data.

If you find yourself needing to sync or move data between different services or data centers, we think you’ll find this a valuable tool. Visit our S3 Sync page to learn more about this new service.

Photo by Thomas Jensen on Unsplash