Now Is The Time to Review Your Backup Strategy

Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett · Mar 13, 2021
Now Is The Time to Review Your Backup Strategy Artwork

There's a popular saying: "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." The same thinking works for your data backup strategy. If you have been putting off backup planning (or if it's time to review your strategy), now is a great time to put the work in.

Last week, an OVH data centre in France caught fire and was destroyed. Thankfully, all the people in the data centre were able to escape the building. Unfortunately, many sites, apps and services were negatively affected. Some are still offline, days after the fire.

This is why a backup strategy is so important. If you run a website or web service of any kind, having multiple offsite backups is mission-critical. For those companies with a robust backup plan, they were able to quickly get services back online after the OVH incident, keeping downtime, revenue loss and customer stress to a minimum.

Here at SnapShooter, we have been seeing a large increase of support requests and emails from customers making sure their data is a) safe and b) stored offsite. Here's some information to help put you at ease.

If you are a DigitalOcean customer, our snapshot backups are stored in the DigitalOcean data system. That makes restorations straightforward and it also means backups can be moved to a different region inside DigitalOcean if you need. You could, if you wanted, move your data from the LON1 datacenter to NYC3 with minimal issue and downtime.

If you want flexibility, we have you covered there as well. Our paid plans allow you to pick by whom and where you want your backups stored. This means you could store your DigitalOcean backups in any S3-Compatible storage platform, including AWS S3, Backblaze B2 or Wasabi.

While backing up your servers is critical, don't forget that SnapShooter can also backup your MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases on a schedule you determine, up to hourly. Like our other products, you can store these critical database backups in any S3 storage provider. Recovery is also a simple process.

To twist the proverb now is a great time to make sure your data is backed up, secure, and accessible. SnapShooter is here to help. Give our free plan a try with one of your servers and take away the stress of worrying if your data is safe.