SnapShooter is the leader in affordable DigitalOcean backups

Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett · Apr 06, 2021
SnapShooter is the leader in affordable DigitalOcean backups Artwork

It goes without saying that we are big fans of DigitalOcean. Their virtual private servers are easy to use, scale up and they offer great performance for the price. We’ve built many sites and apps there over the years, and we’re excited to see them add new tools like the App platform and Kubernetes support.

DigitalOcean is a great spot to spin up a server for a production website or app. It’s also a great place to build out a proof of concept idea that’s been kicking around in your head. We’ve fired up our share of droplets for this very reason.

DigitalOcean offers server backups for their droplets, which is good. Once you turn on backups, it’s all automated and your data is backed up and costs 20% of the cost of your droplet. However, there’s a catch. DigitalOcean only runs a full backup of your droplet once a week and only allows you to keep 4 previous backups. If something happens to your machine between backups, your data (and next great app idea) is lost.

That’s where SnapShooter’s backup service comes in.

You can run SnapShooter on a variety of schedules ranging from hourly to daily snapshots of your droplet. The snapshots are stored at DigitalOcean at a very affordable price of $0.05 per GB. It takes only moments to connect SnapShooter to DigitalOcean and start your droplet snapshots. But the flexibility doesn’t stop there.

You can control how many past snapshots are kept, when the backups run and what timezone you want to base your schedule on. It’s totally up to you.

We’re that confident in our system -- after all, we’ve taken over 131 petabytes of snapshots and backups since 2017. That’s over 1.3 million 4K movies worth of data. To watch them all would take you roughly 345,000 years to watch that much. We’re up for a marathon.

We think you’ll find our service easy to use, and that it will give you peace of mind when it comes to your data. Learn more about our affordable DigitalOcean backups.