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Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett · Apr 01, 2021
Transitioning to Artwork

When we first created SnapShooter, like any startup, we worked hard to get the right domain name for the service. Unfortunately, was not available, so we went with the domain we are currently using, While that’s a pretty common domain name for SaaS services and technology companies, we were never really thrilled with it.

Luckily for us, recently became available. After some back and forth, we are the new owners of We’re really excited about this.

What does this mean for the service and your backups? Not much, honestly. Our plan is too slowly transition from our .io domain to the new .com domain. There are many services setup on our current domain, and we want to make sure that your backups are never affected, so we’re going to take it slow. At the very least, we’ll now capture users who typed in They’ll get the right site now.

Over the next few months, we’ll transition over our main website, backup engine and eventually our email addresses over to the domain. Be sure to check back here often and follow us on Twitter for updates and future announcements about the transition.