SnapShooter Now Offers New S3 Sync Custom Permissions

Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett · Oct 05, 2021
SnapShooter Now Offers New S3 Sync Custom Permissions Artwork

SnapShooter is proud to announce that we’ve made several improvements to our S3 Sync tool. Based on feedback from our customers, SnapShooter users can now manage custom permissions for S3 data backed up and moved using SnapShooter.

For the vast majority of use cases, you’ll probably want your S3 backups to not be openly available to the world. However, there are some times where you may need your assets to be publicly viewable. This could include times when you need to clone and replicate website images, scripts or other assets that are part of your app or content delivery network (CDN.) For example, you could create a hot-swappable sync of your website images and flip over to the sync if a need ever arises.

SnapShooter now allows you to set file permissions to private (always the default,) public read and public read-write.

You can try this out at SnapShooter now. You can start a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) or join our forever free plan. Sign up today at

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash