S3 Sync Backups

object storage

Copy the content of one S3 bucket (or compatible) to another S3 bucket

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This backup recipe is in Beta, Learn more about Alpha and Beta recipes stages


Copy the content of one S3 bucket to a second location, region or even provider.

Sleep easy knowing your data is stored in two locations.

Demo Video

How it works?

Connect both your storage choices to SnapShooter and then great a new backup job selecting S3 Sync.

We will ask you to provide a server for the transmission of data to happen over, this keeps your data within your own control and means none of the data flows through SnapShooter's infrastructure.

Copy DigitalOcean Spaces to S3

Want to make sure your DigitalOcean Spaces are backed up to a second region within DigitalOcean? Or want your data backed up totally offsite to Backblaze, S3 or any provider you choose?

Support For Any S3

We support any S3 provider on the marketplace, including AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Backblaze, Upcloud, Scaleway, Minio, and custom endpoints.

If you have object storage missing let us know we are happy to add any. We believe everyone should keep a copy of there data offsite and secure.

Known Issues

When syncing a large amount of data the process can run out of memory, this can be avoided by settings a rate limit on the server and well as the chunk size down.