MongoDB DigitalOcean Managed Backups

Backup your DigitalOcean Managed MongoDB

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MongoDB DigitalOcean Managed Backups

DigitalOcean Managed MongoDB backups done right

SnapShooter is a plug & play backup system that dramatically reduces the complexity of backing up your DigitalOcean MongoDB. Simply add an S3 target, select a retention policy and let SnapShooter do the rest. Connect to your Managed database and start backing up. We connect with your DigitalOcean-issued certificate for a secure connection.

  • Automatically Handled DigitalOcean TLS certs

  • Offsite Backups

  • Serverless or on Server backups offered

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I have been using SnapShooter for the past several months to handle my server backups. The service has always been reliable, so I trust that backups will always been done on schedule. It’s one less thing I have to worry about. Thanks!

John Deaton Small Avatar
John Deaton
Owner - Deaton Web Design

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