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Github Backups

Backup your GitHub repository to your choose of storage.

Recurring Github repo backups, create backups from daily to every hour of your public and private GitHub repositories. Don't worry about your custom scripts failing.

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What Access is Required

We require you to generate a Github Token, you can limit the access of this token so we can clone your repo, zip it up and upload to your storage.

SnapShooter is an absurdly well-made product that I have been using for months to backup a whole range of things, from MySQL to servers and DigitalOcean and AWS to my code at GitHub. The UI is great for understanding and helping you get your backups set, and it made the whole process a joy. All my backups are actively monitored, and data is now safely backed up to my own AWS S3 account.

Patrick McKenzie (patio11) Small Avatar
Patrick McKenzie (patio11)
Founder - Kalzumeus Software

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