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Server File Backups

Trusted by customers to move Petabytes of data per month!

We move thousands of terabytes of file backups from servers to external storage every month

Cross Provider

Backup your essential, websites, documents and files to a different provider. When configuring backups, you can choose whichever storage you would like, currently supporting, AWS, DigitalOcean Spaces and Wasabi.

  • AWS S3

  • Backblaze B2

  • Wasabi

  • DigitalOcean Spaces

  • Monio

  • Dropbox & Google Drive

  • Azure

Cross Provider

Only Backup the files that Matter

Native provider backups, often only offer whole server snapshots. Sometimes you don't need to store that much data. With SnapShooter File backups you can backup only the files you want, with easy file exclusions. Our default settings automatically ignore sensible files.

Only Backup the files that Matter


Generate a secure 4096-bit SSH key pair per backup or use the same pair for all access to make managing access easier. All SSH keys are like all credentials in SnapShooter are encrypted (AES-256-CBC); you can create a custom user account on your server to limit access as you wish.

  • Optional On the fly RSA encryption


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What gets installed on my server?

Currently, we need the following software installed:ssh, tar, zip, and gzip. We also use rclone but we use a binary that does not require installing by the end-user. If you want encryption support you need an update to date version of OpenSSL

How does SnapShooter make backups secure

Our commands are executed over the industry standard of OpenSSH, using bash commands, we don't require any sudo permissions to make a backup. We use 4096-bit secure ssh keys. We encrypt all keys and passwords, in our systems. You can also encrypt your files on the file before the data even leaves your server using public private key encryption.

We set up SnapShooter for our client’s production management system in a matter of minutes. After that, we have practically forgotten about it. It allows us to sleep well at night, knowing our client’s data is safe.

Tõnis Palts Small Avatar
Tõnis Palts
CEO - Maagiline

Learn how SnapShooter makes backups of your Server File.

Watch the way your data flows from source to the storage you decide.

Server Based Server File Backups

For customers who already have a server and want there Files data to stay within there own network, only meta sent back to SnapShooter.

  1. SnapShooter Connects Via SSH to your server
  2. Once Connected this server connects directly to your Files and begins the backup process
  3. Data from Files begins streaming to your server
  4. Your Server compresses the data and uploads it to your storage
  5. Confirmation of uploaded chunk is received, repeat steps 3,4,5 until backup completed
  6. During the backup meta data is periodic send back to SnapShooter for real time monitoring
  7. Once the backup is completed SnapShooter confirms the file size with the storage
Servers Customer’s storage Meta 6 Customers Customer’s server SnapShooter SSH File size check Owned by customer 5 4 3 1 7 2

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