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Backup all WordPress website on GridPane, database (MySQL) and the file system

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This backup recipe is in Beta, Learn more about Alpha and Beta recipes stages


Backup your WordPress blogs and applications using SnapShooter's simple backup process.

At run time we find all the WordPress installs on your server and backup up in to individual database and file backups. This when when you restore you don't need to extract a single backup from the achive.

Much better to have many smaller backup files than one massive and unmanageble backup

Build with GridPane in Mind

Customers looking to backup whole GridPane servers look no futher.

Simple Restoring

With out simple restore process you can have hours of effort and confimation by finding the database or file system you wish to recovery and using our one click restore process.

We also provide you with restore intructions if you would prefer to do it by hand.

Or you can simple download the backup and find the data you need.


1st April
  • Add .snapshooter-ignore file to any site directory you want SnapShooter to skip e.g. /var/www/
27th Feb
  • Fixed issue with ignore file having a blank line causing the backup to ignore everything

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