Laravel (MySQL) Backups


Backup a Laravel website, database (MySQL) and optionally the file system.

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This Laravel package will backup your entire Laravel application, into a compressed database dump and optionally he file backup of the storage folder.

Once complete we will notify via one of our notification channels.

Using SnapShooter's Simple Backups Engine we can extract your MySQL direcly from Laravel tinker at run time, so no need to give SnapShooter your MySQL password, we can pipe config directly into mysqldump, no longer suffer from backups failing due to password rotation.

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Ideal for Forge

Using SnapShooter's server import process, mixed with Laravel Forge recipe management you can easy import every forge server to SnapShooter.

Auto discover Laravel Site Paths

Import Laravel

Advantages over Self Backups

There are packages available for performing a backup of Laravel, they make use of laravel its self to create a backup from within, and while these do have a use they can suffer from silent fails.

If for what ever reason the package breaks, it may not notify you can't create the backup

  • No silent fails
  • Centeralized management for all of your Laravel Applications

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